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Respected UK TV personalities

Medium and Exorcist Ralph Keeton - UK

On tour with Mediumship, Psychic development, Angel working, Wellness, Meditations, Positive empowerment, and exorcism clearances.

Spiritual and mental awareness for daily lives.

Mediumship and Psychic abilities


Stage Shows

Whether you are a developing psychic, had a visitation or simply interested in all things spiritual, join us.

Extraordinarium media


Case Files

Behind the scenes, working with and against the energies.

An insight to the closed world of life changing occurrences.

Angels 'V' Demons

Psychic and Mediumship tours

Allowing yourself freedom from restrictions builds stronger bonds.

Awaken or develop the inner angelic nature within you, develop an holistic approach with the joy of connecting with Angels, Guides and Loved Ones on the other side.

Any journey requires faith, and your own belief. Trust in yourself with the guidance of those close to you for your wellness and protection.

A Mediumship stage shows

Join in one of our podcasts and listen into the journey Ralph and the team have had over the years

Training and Development

Spend your time working with the team and develop your abilities across many platforms

Events, demonstrations and stage shows

Shows include mediumship, working as a medium and the exorcist files.

A talk on exorcisms

Ralph talks about being a medium & exorcist on YouTube

Listen to a

World Of Infinite Opportunities on Patreon

Opening your mind to greater possibilities, by aligning it with asking what if? Allows you the freedom to have greater responses and development to wider aspects to life around you.


Hear about Ralph's life stories when dealing with people and spirit


The latest in TV shows and appearances

Extraordinary clips on hauntings, exorcisms

Training to suit your own development



YEAR: 2024 / 2025

At various locations.

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Workshops and Seminars


YEAR: 2024 / 2025

At various locations.

Private training bookings

Hotel Seminars


YEAR: 2024 and 2026

At various locations.

Weekend stop over

Private Seminars


YEAR: 2024

At various locations.

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Hotel Seminars

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