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Most haunted houses, buildings and areas

We can provide help with most haunted homes, hauntings, poltergeists, possessions, witchcraft. Haunted houses, dwellings and land areas, are places that are inhabited by supernatural entities and have paranormal activities. Witnesses often talk about unexplained movements, black shapes, cold spots and the real feeling of fear or uneasiness.

Below: The resulting exorcism meant one family could return to a peaceful existence.

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Haunted homes have become misunderstood popular subjects in literature, films and media entertainment. However living in a haunted house is far more terrorising than portrayed

Haunting are associated with residual, fixed, or living energies that range in interactivity.

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Old or new your home is susceptible to many forms of attached energies good or bad, they love the environment.

Good or bad they can be devastating.


Recent manors have developed energies that are often tricky and o land with interesting backgrounds.

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Grand buildings are more often prone to older energies, intelligent and cunning. These create strong bonds.

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Fire starter property

Over a period of twelve years the home developed into a noisy and unbearable home. Sol and turned into a night club it soon fell foul to the energies within it and a mysterious fire put paid to its life. No explanation could be brought forward as to how or why it combusted, but the energy within knew what to to.

A home with a history. The UK TV series 'Boon' was filmed in the home. Even during filming they captured figures unknown to them. After filming and as a public house those figures turned the public house into a nightmare. Even after returning back to a family home, the family were not alone.