Exorcism - dealing with good and the bad

Removal of any energy whether good or bad is not a five minute or overnight job.

As much as you have in life; The removal of a problem human being in your life takes time, you need some serious knowledge and time on 'How to deal' with them first.

All of which requires various stages, actions, thoughts, procedures and processes with others helping and all needing to be in one accessible place. Such is the process with spirit (but longer).

Ralph's Malevolent Rated Categories

All energy has a malevolent rating. Ralph over his years of dealing with these energies now provides you with an idea of each grouping. There are FOUR main 'Malevolent Risk Categories' to consider 4, 3, 2, and 1. Each MR Category has sub categories, this therefore is a guide.

Ralph's Malevolent Rated Categories

Most hauntings, activities and spirit contact start in the Malevolent Risk Category 4. The differences between each MR Category is significant, therefore it is fair to say 90% of contact you have is within the MR CAT 4.

Activities such as movement and touch can escalate into a more serious nature and move into the next MR Category 3.

Within MR Category 2, activity goes beyond normal rationality of ghost hunting, paranormal or spiritual interventions.

We will not disclose the full content of MR Category 1. Needless to say these are incredibly rare events but are severe.

(Benevolent) includes noises, poltergeists, manifestations/sightings, sensations, feelings etc.

These energies are low level and are most commonly associated with the paranormal

Activity includes vocal connections, thoughts or inner voices, random sightings, air movements, electrical impulses, and light bodily sensations .

(Indirect / Direct) includes visual (objects that move), propelled objects, human psychical contact, direct communication. This level though perceived as frightening is generally a higher level to show a presence and meant to be non-threatening.

These energies are at a higher level making direct contact with a person Propelled objects moved towards a person. Doors or similar etc held in position to prevent movement. Obvious noise levels, contact resulting in a scratch or cut.

(Purposeful, Direct, Limited threat) includes object/s driven at a person, mental torment/anguish, purposeful psychical abuse (permanent harm)
**This MR Category though rare is time limited**

These energies are intelligent and respond. They are very active towards psychical and mental abuse. They have one aim that of personal attack. Attention to personal safety is required. These energies are high levels and cause and are not 24/7 in nature, though tend to be severe.

(Life threatening) Incredibly Rare.
Information is restricted.

Extreme caution must be observed. This MR Category will be life changing as these energies have very little regard of human life or psychical presence. The aim of this category is to inflict maximum harm regardless of life.

At this level of severity harm varies from person to person.


We perform detailed procedures

Before starting any clearance


We have a careful and meticulous approach to any circumstances, professionally planned and specifically designed with your safety in mind.

An exorcism

DO NOT EXPECT US to perform an exorcism just because you want one.

We need to know you actually require one. BUT ONLY IF WE DEEM IT NECESSARY!


NO clearance would start without a thorough investigation into all the circumstances and background checks into your mental and psychical health.


We look at where, why and how things are developing. To understand where the future patterns or movements of any energy will be or is going.

Absolute redemption

Everyone must understand the exact functions of each party involved. This includes YOU and the energy(s) for an absolute result.

A resolution will be achieved with an aim is to have full redemption for all.


Ralph and the full team have written up and documented many cases from arounfd the UK and around the world. These are written as they happened and in many cases haunted artefacts have been retained for educational purposes.

A demonic home

You all live in safety in your own abode, but what happens when things go immensely wrong. What may start out to be a simple ghost activity may turn out to be a 'home from Hell'. Over a 25 year period and several owners later it Ralph was called in.

Such a case of monstrous proportions exists in the UK, becoming the back story to a major block busting film.

Various poltergeists

It is too simple to say a poltergeist is a bad or a noisy energy, this is in reality not the case.

They have differing levels and we explain in what degrees and action they will take.

Our case shows how from a noisy start they ended up with a near death experience.

this case took over three days to resolve and many experts in place to deal with this energy

Unnerving children

Never forget spiritual energies range in intelligence and learning. Like children they are often unruly and learn at a very fast pace.

Ghostly children attaching to your children are the same, they often outwit you and become trained in levels of malevolence towards people.

We had a case where a ghostly child started fires and trained its living counterpart to do the same.

How we view the processes


Do not demand

We will get you to answer questions. Which will build us a picture.


You need to be healthy

Do not lie. We will ask you to provide information as to your present psychical and mental health. To start with.


You need to listen to us

We will initially go through a few processes to allow you and us to understand each other. the more honest you are the better.



Follow instructions

We expect you to understand what is going on.


Self help

Any process will involve you, so expect to be helpful



Over time both ourselves and you will assess the results as we both progress. Adjusting as you eveolve.



Strict processes

Regardless of what you do there are adaptable processes that must be followed



Once some time has elapsed we will re-asses the outcomes


Silence is golden

You will be left with a set of processes you can control and return to a happy environment.


A warm atmosphere in the mediumship shows

with friends & family involved.


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Ralph's mediumship and knowledge of work he has completed makes this quite an unusual show,

Along with his haunted items from around the world you are involved in the show and encouraged to ask questions.

As a team show you get to understand the full processes of each and very case worked on.

TV, Film or Media enquiries welcome

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Please have some patience


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