Haunted case files

The Secret of Success

Dealing with friendly or unfriendly spirit activity should always be done with caution. Remember the energy you are dealing with was there before you arrived, respect should always be given.

Not every case is evil

Human psychology makes us believe that which we do not know must be bad. Not so!

Family secrets

Remember privacy is a must. You are dealing with intimate details no matter the spirit energy.

it may take time

Time must be taken over any dealings for you need to observe everything.

Respect and dignity

All spirit energy is more powerful than you. Some choose to be gentle.

A few case studies completed

From home visits on a personal level to an complete exorcism, dealing with spirit energy is always fascinating. Whether small activity or an over active energy, cases always throw up new information.

The clown

Yes its a nightmare, your friendly clown (or not so). Every family has had at one point some one who likes to have a good laugh at others expense. We dealt over three days with such an energy. Not harmful but disruptive and annoying to the family. 

The case made us rethink things. Yes it was funny, but it did not know when to stop. Blocking rather than clearing was the issue. Family members loved the fun stuff but not at night. Retraining this energy took some work but it was managed.

Tappings in the night

Here we had an energy that loved to make tapping noises, all day and night.  Starting off as little noises leading to hours of tapping.

Having established who it was, we delved further and spoke to a number of family members who remembered the energy.

Finding Tap dancing shoes in the loft was key to lessening the noises. Here we have an energy that loved to dance and merely wanted the family to know they were back. Removal of the shoes has lessened the noise but kept the energy with the family.

A loving partner

When you fully love your family and particularly your spouse, you will go to the ends of the earth to help them. Having lost her husband through a tragic accident, she never expected to see him again. Years later unexpectedly he turns up in a dream. From that moment on the house and her life became almost unbearable.

Trying to establish a new relationship was impossible. Months of work later and all is calm…….


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