The mediumship journey

Connections and psychic connections

Ralph's own journey

Enjoying the best in spirit and 

communications combined together

Early beginnings

The journey for Ralph started as a young child having his first spiritual contact, bullying at school, and then on to being the cool dude at university.

Later in life Ralph was asked to join mediums such as Derek Acorah, Colin Fry and others on a public journey of emotion and satisfaction in communication.

On the road

Ralph is forever on the move greeting people at private shows, or his own stand up 'Guided by Voices' tour. Whether touring or investigating Ralph and his team always try to provide you with the perfect solution.

Your journey begins by listening

Make your own mind up and develop systems to cope

Every journey requires a leap of faith. 'Faith' that you will not make a mistake. But Ralph asks "How can you develop with out this?" Listening and learning are the real development systems for you.

Join our development classes or listen to our talks whether live on stage or via our YouTube channel.

Remember we are all human and unless you are prepared to try new things out, how do you know what heights you are capable of reaching.

ralph keeton exorcist and medium

Ralph working with others

Ralph has a vast range of experiences, with some of the greatest learning times in his life when working with others. Ralph explains "You can not do things on our own." Ralph is often asked to work alongside many other psychics and mediums in TV, or, recently with film production teams and film stars in their own right, educating them along the way.

Ralph working in the media

Devoting time to working within the media realm Ralph has had the opportunity to allow others to see how working with spirit can generate some fascinating results. Ralph's own personable style allows engagement and a diverse range of skills to be shown. Whether sceptical or firm believer there is always something to learn and see. 

Ralph helping awareness

Ralph is embarking on tours and shows that include development workshops, many with hands on techniques and experiences. 

Ralph is also developing his casebook stand up show where you hear the real events of families dealing with the spiritual world from the Angelic to the Demonic, where interesting outcomes are revealed.


We are here to challenge thoughts and knowledge.

What happens if your past educators,

were wrong or did not know better?

What if science is wrong, and this is very possible?

What if our educators did not realise they had it wrong, something you learn over time?

What also happens if the spiritual world is not as you thought?

After all, time also shows us, our pasts could have been better developed.

These are only some of the questions we go through, to understand what makes your belief system. Remember

"It is YOUR personal journey, no one can tell you what is right or wrong,

only by guidance can you make the decisions".

Stand up shows

Listen and learn, Guided by Spirit

Exhibition talks

The Real Stories on our journey


Development workshops