Psychic Events and Mediumship Training

One day or Weekends of development

Mediumship workshops for psychic development.

Our training days or online classes are designed for individual needs

Weekend development

September 2023

Classes continue over the weekend with guided visualisations, inspiring exercises and kind-hearted discussions to form the basis of a fun and encouraging course of developments.

Psychic development

September 2023

Learn how to fine tune with practical and intuitive professional training course/ Providing you with the skills and knowledge to begin discovering and developing and your psychic abilities.

Angel connections

November 2023

Working with the all forms of Angels renews and empowers the everyday life in you. This course provides inner warmth, creative tools, angelic support, mind balance and deep spiritual connection.

Tarot & tea leaf reading


Try something from the core of development. Use natural elements and heighten your senses with visual and tactile developments. This is now some of the oldest and rarest forms of connection.