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Ralph works as a Medium, Psychic, Spirit Counsellor and Exorcist with TV programs and Stage shows

“Everyone requires help throughout their lives, some more than others. Your ghostly friends never let you down.”

Ralph Keeton

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If you deal with spirit energy, you are communicating, no matter your title.

Spirit contact you minute by minute, it is your choice whether you answer, believer or not.

It is a personal journey, no one can tell you whether it is real or not.

No one has all the answers, no one can tell you whether or not, you have contact. It is very personal to you. We only guide you.

Through out your lives you have had teachers, it never stops.

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Globo Network Putting over a million viewers in touch with Ralph

Filming with Globo took Ralph to a new audience and grow his network of those who require answers

Ralph Keeton exorcist and medium UK

Sky is unlimited

Working closely with Sky production teams brought Ralph some unusual and interesting people

Working with Angels and Demons

Living the life as a medium is fraught with badness and ultimately goodness to override any obstacle put in your way.


No matter your belief or position in society, you are always stronger than any spirit standing in front of you.


You are forever protected, no matter your status.

Angels v Demons

There are more Angles than demons and more greater good than bad.

ralph keeton exorcist and medium


Ralph states "No matter what your experience is with spirit activity, there is help whether you are sceptical or full believer


I am not here to prove existence, that is purely up to you. My aim of course is to develop partnerships with spirit, by building confidence thus allowing thoughtful space to progress your own connections.


People need to stay calm and have an open mind. Not all things spiritual may be easily explained, some things just are.


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