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Medium Ralph

Loves the Spiritual world, the energies surrounding the journeys and you.

Dominus Mactibilis

Ralph has a straight forward but very personable way of dealing with the living and the afterlife as well. Travelling the world having experiences with both is fascinating.


Death and I have a curious relationship, I knock on its door to help the public.

It knocks on my door to help spirit. We are both very wary of each other but respectful nevertheless.

Education and Knowledge is everything,

but experience is a must

Mara Vita

"A wonderful life"

We must all learn and action our knowledge, dealing with the ups and downs in life and death

Mediumship is effervescent

Ralph's own illuminating journey begins at a young age, learning slowly how to deal with voices, sightings and energies too often wanting to play tricks on him. Through his school days, university, twenties and thirties he has grown in reputation and stature with the living and spirit energies alike.

Ralph soon realised these communications helped, guided, aided himself and others throughout his connections to both worlds.

Today from humble beginning Ralph provides talks on mistakes made, learning from others and the myths surrounding ghosts. Ralph has never tried to convince anyone on spirit but explains to others it is; "Your personal journey, no one can tell you what is right or wrong, these are your decisions".

Ralph loves to guide you on his experiences hoping you will take from them and move forward for your own dealings with spirit and life.

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